Bibliplug Installation & Upgrade

To install:
Upload the Enhanced Bibliplug plugin to your CMS.

Activate it.

To use customized author template, copy


to your theme folder.

  • If you are using thesis 1.8 for your theme, please copy the content of wp_content\plugins\bibliplug\template\author-loop.php to wp_content\themes\thesis_18\custom\custom_functions.php
  • If you are using thesis_custom_loop in your custom_functions.php already, just copy the function author(){ ... } to your thesis_custom_loop class.

You’re done!

To upgrade:
In most cases, reinstall the plugin is sufficient.

However, if you upgrading to the following version
- Version 0.2.5

please go to the option panel in the admin page, under bibliplug, click “Upgrade Schema” for a manual upgrade.


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