Bibliplug Settings

References can be displayed on any post/page using shortcode bibliplug. For example, to list all John Smith’s journal articles published in 2008, use

[bibliplug last_name='Smith' first_name='John' type='book' year='2008']

Here are the options you can use with bibliplug shortcode.

[bibliplug id=2] displays a single reference.
[bibliplug last_name='Smith'] displays references by author/editor last name.
[bibliplug first_name='John'] displays references by author/editor first name.
[bibliplug type='book'] displays all books.
[bibliplug category='chapter7'] displays all references under category chapter7.
[bibliplug tag='biology'] displays all references with tag biology.
[bibliplug year='2008'] displays all references published in 2008.


  1. You can mix-match any arguments except:
    a. If id is used, other arguments are ignored.
    b. If category is used, tag is ignored.
  2. Other than types shown in the drop down box when editing a reference, there are two super types you can use.
    a. Publication => any type that’s not presentation or conference paper.
    b. Presentation => presentation and conference paper.

All references are shown in Chicago Style Author-Date System.

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