Enhanced Publication [plugin] for WordPress

The primary function of the Enhanced Publication plugin is to describe a WordPress site as an OAI-ORE aggregated publication (anenhanced publication). In this structure, we convert WordPress pages into book chapters and use various other plugins to facilitate and describe reference lists, authors and editors, and attachments. For visualizing the content object relationships, we employ SURF’s InContext Visualiser; see the screenshot below for an example of the visualiser display.

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This combination of Web site and publication objects was not readily compatible with any single ontology. We therefore selected a list of related ontologies to describe the full content of the aggregation. For example, the following list of ontologies were used in creating a new ontology that includes objects such as a single book chapter, among other chapters in an edited volume, as a published text with multiple authors, an abstract, figures, and a reference list.

• RDF: Resource Description Framework Ontology;
• OAI-ORE Vocabulary for Resource Aggregation;
• DCTerms: Dublin Core Metadata Ontology;
• FOAF: Friend of a Friend Ontology;
• FRBR: Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records Ontology;
• SWAN: Provenance, Authoring and Versioning in scientific discourse Ontology;
• RES: Academic Researchers Ontology;
• BiRO: Bibliographic Reference Ontology;
• FaBiO: FRBR-aligned Bibliographic Ontology;
• PRISM: Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata Ontology;
• ESCAPE-Display: Vocabulary for describing inverse relationship of FOAF.

For plugin installation and setup, go here.

Screenshot of the InContext Visualizer


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tatum.cc April 3, 2012 at 11:00

Enhanced Publication for WordPress is now available at the WordPress plugin repository (see link). Please leave comments or questions about the plugin here.


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