Semantic WORDS

Semantic WordPress for Digital Scholarship framework (Semantic WORDS) is the basis for a hybrid Enhanced Publication platform, which leverages Web 2.0 participatory modes of scholarly communication combined with formalized content structures imposed by Semantic Web formats. The Semantic WORDS software is developed as open source for use with the WordPress Content Management Software, which is also open source. Semantic WORDS is comprised of two custom plugins that are integrated with WordPress and Zotero, the open source, Web-based citation management system. (A recent post, titled: Web 2.0 and/or Semantic Web?, provides background and rationale for our hybrid approach to enhanced publications.)

Enhanced Bibliplug
The first of the Semantic WORDS plugins, Enhanced Bibliplug, provides a suite of features for authors, which are focused on organization and publication of academic content on the Web. Features include custom page templates for academic texts, integration with Zotero for citation management, and expanded author profile pages for CV content management, such as publications, presentations, projects and other related career accomplishments. In addition to providing authors with advanced tools for publishing on the Web, Bibliplug facilitates visibility (e.g., in search engines) of relationships between and among researchers, institutions, and both formal and informal scholarly communication

Enhanced Publication for WordPress
The second plugin, Enhanced Publication, works in parallel with Bibliplug. Added content is simultaneously structured in Semantic Web formats based on academic publishing ontologies. Unlike many Semantic Web applications, this plugin includes integration of a visualization feature, such that object relationships can be browsed with the InContext application developed by the SURFfoundation.

In addition to our custom plugins, we use several plugins from among the wide range of open source plugins developed by the WordPress community. We use three additional WordPress plugins to augment functionality in our custom plugins: Co-Authors Plus, Ninja Page Categories and Tags, and User Avatar.

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