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Creating/Editing User Profile Page

User Profile - Admin Page

In the WP user menu, select ‘Users’ to choose which user to edit, otherwise select ‘Your Profile’.

(1) upload profile photo. once uploaded, drag frame around picture to crop.

(2) ensure either ‘author’ or ‘editor’ role is selected (eg. admin role dose not appear in contributor lists)

(3) add middle name/initial and/or (last name) prefix to synchronize with Zotero collections. List by author requires that names are identical here and in Zotero collections. NOTE: the prefix is for last name prefixes, such as ‘van’ or ‘de’ (eg Dutch names)–however, this must be consistent with Zotero naming convention for proper synchronization.

(4) email address and website addresses will be linked to the words [email | website] in your profile, rather than displaying actual addresses. this is an effort to thwart spam robots.

(5) add title, affiliation, and institution on separate lines

(6) bio text can be edited using the rich text editor or via html (same as WP posts and pages).

NOTE: the ‘Update User’ (below) and Update Picture’ (above) are mutually exclusive.

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