the Plugins

Status of our WordPress plugins:


Enhanced Bibliplug [webpage] plugin is available at the WordPress plugin repository. Go here to download and install the plugin.


Enhanced Publication [webpage] this plugin, which is a semantic web add-on to bibliplug, is available at the WordPress plugin repository. Go here to download and install the plugin.

Plugin Features:

Following is a summary of plugin features, along with features provided by recommended third-party plugins.

1) Enhanced Bibliplug: Reference management, Zotero synchronization, Expanded author profile features, appends user publications profile pages based on WP user name, publication titles link to source document.

  • recommended plugin- User Avatar plugin: adds profile picture feature with simple cropping.

2) Enhanced Publication: This is an add-on to Bibliplug that structures the website content using semantic web ontologies and syndicates the RDF resource map using ATOM. Visualization of content relationships is provided by integration of InContext visualization software. Some key functionality is provided by integrating pre-existing, third-party plugins available through the WordPress plugin repository.

  • required plugin for full functionality – Co-Authors Plus: adds co-author capability for a single post/page/document (WordPress native functionality only supports single author attribution). This plugin works very well and is crucial for establishing academic object relationships in the content structure.
  • required plugin for full functionality - Ninja Page Categories and Tags: adds additional flexibility to standard WordPress treatment of categories and tags. This plugin also works very well, and is used throughout to facilitate a number of  content organization tasks.